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Committed to Greener Offshore Wind

DK Offshore’s commitment to sustainability extends to the environment, the industry, our communities, and our workforce.

For a Greener Future

DK Offshore is committed to a sustainable, greener future that allows us to balance the needs of our customers and the needs of the wider communities in which we live and work.

We strive to achieve positive and material impact beyond our operations in the industry and the water. From turning out the lights when the office is empty, to offering alternatives to single-use water bottles, we will continue to challenge ourselves to provide greener solutions and be part of a greener future.


A Positive Force in the Community

Striving to be a greener solution is only part of our approach to what we do. By creating local jobs and developing the workforce around us, we ensure that the benefits of the offshore wind revolution are felt and realized in local communities. Social responsibility is as important as environmental responsibility and we are equally committed to being an engaged community partner that creates local jobs and opportunities.

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Diversity, Inclusion, Equality & Respect

We believe that our differences make us smarter and stronger and our organization’s commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, equality, and respect frames our work life and enviroment. We also champion the ability to work differently and be flexibile in order to support a healthy work/life balance and family life. Having a diverse and dynamic team that feels respected and empowered ensures our ability to be client partners,  ambassadors for our industry and company, and productive members of the communities we strive to improve.